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Introvert Anthony attends his best friend's housewarming party, which goes fine until brash, loud-mouthed Steve arrives. Things go from bad to worse as Anthony struggles to control the troublesome, alcohol-fuelled Steve.

Steve, who has no remorse for his actions, will do anything to get what he wants - even if it means bringing everyone down in the process.

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Writer/Director: Andreas Toumbas

Starring: Chris Charteris, Andreas Toumbas, Amelia Conway, Martin Reyes, Kerstyn Walsh, Steve Maresca and Vanessa Madrid.

A Bad Influence (2023)

Bad Seed Pictures.

About The Film


A Bad Influence is the debut feature film from Australian writer-director Andreas Toumbas. It follows a group of friends enjoying a seemingly quiet dinner party until a drunk and invited guest arrives. The film's mission is to bring light to the serious problem of binge drinking and the negative impacts it brings to individuals and the community. The movie is a very personal project and deals with the issues surrounding alcohol abuse and mental illness (primarily social anxiety), and how the two are related. Furthermore, it explores how alcohol is often used as a social lubricant, but can quickly make us anti-social.  It is a very raw film about a very common issue we face in society. Learn More.


Described as a passion project, the film was written by Andreas at the beginning of 2018. He wanted to make a feature film with the resources he had, which wasn't very much. The movie was filmed roughly once a week over six months in the 2018/19 summer with a very small and passionate cast and crew, and is filmed almost entirely in 17 long days at his parents' home in the south-western suburbs of Sydney.

Watch it now on Amazon > 

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Kerstyn plays Victoria,  the overly confident and expressive girlfriend of Chris.

Kerstyn is an actress and presenter from Sydney. She has appeared in many films such as Kick Ons and The School.

As well as acting, Kerstyn has her own wedding planner business!


Andreas Toumbas

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Andreas, as well as the Writer, Producer and Director of the film, plays shy and introvert Anthony.  Anthony is crippled by social anxiety who uses alcohol as a social lubricant.

Andreas has acted in many short films, sketches and web series, from comedies to dramas, such as First World Relationships and Back in the Game.


Chris Charteris

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Chris plays loudmouthed Steve, who brings mayhem to what should have been a quiet dinner party.

Chris is was born in Brisbane but is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Since completing his bachelor in Applied Theatre in 2013,  he has since gone on to apply his acting talents to the screen and film industry. Bad Influence will be his first feature film as the lead actor.
As well as pursuing a career in acting, Chris has an undying passion for comedy, being the founding member of sketch comedy group ‘Delirium’, and the creator of his own production company and web-series ‘Charterboat Comedy’ in 2014. 


Amelia Conway

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Amelia plays Nick's sweet and caring fiance Laura.

Amelia is a Sydney based film & TV actor. Bad Influence will be Amelia's breakthrough role into the Australian scene, however she has an impressive slew of short film and TVC credits in her wake. Amelia will also appear as support character 'Louise' in upcoming feature film 'Friends & Strangers' by James Vaughn, set to release in 2020.

She has a passion for improvisation, taking weekly classes with Laugh Masters Academy and she has worked with verteran improviser David Razowsky.


Kerstyn Walsh

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Martin Reyes

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Martin plays Nick, the best friend of Anthony and Steve's who is hosting the housewarming dinner party.

Martin is also from Brisbane, Australia.

Martin has appeared in many films and web series such as Bite Club and Nameless.


Vanessa Madrid

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Vanessa plays Emily, the younger sister of Victoria.

Vanessa, another Sydney local, is currently studying at the Actor's Pulse. She has appeared in music videos and short films like The Ghost of Kelly Winters. Bad Influence will be her breakthrough into feature films.



Steve Maresca

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Steve plays Chris, the cocky and arrogant friend of the guys.

Steve graduated Sydney Theatre School in 2008, and since then he has amassed credits in Australia and in overseas productions.

Steve had a lead role in the feature film Dealing with Destiny, and recent work includes Skinford (Chapters one and two), Doctor Doctor, The Local as well as award winning commercials.




Andreas is the Writer, Director, Producer and Editor of the film.

Andreas has always had a passion for story telling and the arts, but took the long route to becoming a film maker. After years of obtaining degree in Economics, and a couple more of years working in the finance industry, Andreas left his career in finance permanently to pursue his dream of being a film maker, as he wanted to be able to do something to help and inspire people.

Andreas has produced many short films, sketches and webseries, from comedies to dramas such as A New Life, First World Relationships and Back in the Game. Having never attended formal film school Andreas says that these were his "film school", helping him gain experience and learn from mistakes, to be able to make the dive into feature films. Bad Influence will be his debut feature as a Writer/Director.

Andreas aims to keep making feature films, in Australia and overseas, as well as pursuing a career in Television.


Prema, right hand man to Andreas on set, is the First Assistant Director, as well as Associate Producer. Prema has a colourful career in TV, film and music. He has worked on commercials, web series and short filmes as an actor, director and producer. He has directed a feature film titled "Cop's Enemy". Prema is also a singer and dancer, and has written and produced many songs.  On top of that he is an advocate for mental health, and is the founder and CEO of Self Appreciation Day, which is a campaign that aims to tackle mental health and promote a positive attitutude towards one's self.


Ben and Stephen were the cinematographers on the project, and helped bring it to life.

Ben has worked on many productions as a Cinematographer and Camera Operator.

Stephen has a long career as a cinematographer and director, however like most of the cast and crew, this was his first feature film. He has worked on many documentaries and TV Series' which allows him to travel often - including Mount Everest and Antarctica!



Simon was the trusty sound recordist. Simon has worked on practically every indie film and web series produced in Sydney in the last two years. That may an exxageration, but he has been a very busy man, working on a range of TV/Web Series and films such as Petrel and Searching for Babel.


Jai is the hair and make up artist, who was also a big part of the production team, helping out as a camera and production assistant whenever needed. Jai has worked on many TV and Web Series as a make up artist, such as Made for This and Over and Out.



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